Dear Shift/Enter Community,

Shift/Enter’s Job Seekers’ Workshops have helped candidates exploring the tech space develop their job search strategies, refine their resumes, and build confidence in their interviewing. Our ALT talks have engaged and informed audiences on everything from A (agile practices) to Z (zombies).

However, Shift/Enter hasn’t managed to solve the problem that we organized to address. There is a mismatch between the intermediate-to-senior talent that businesses are struggling to find and the entry/transitional level job seekers that Shift/Enter has been serving. As a result, Shift/Enter has not found the proverbial “product/market fit.”

After much soul searching, the board has decided to end the Shift/Enter entity.

To say that we are proud of what Shift/Enter has accomplished – and that we couldn’t have done it without the dedication and care of so many volunteers – is an understatement. Our hearts swell with gratitude as we think about the many volunteers who contributed their time and expertise to this vision.

The twin problems of finding your next employer as a job seeker and finding your next employee as a hiring manager, are still unsolved. The Shift/Enter Slack will continue to exist as a source of job postings, career-related content, and a networking resource. We will continue to think of ways to address needs in the tech hiring space, and we welcome your input as well. Shift/Enter might be reborn in the future.

Until Shift/Enter can return, there are several resources that support our tech community that you can join for talks, networking, or mentoring. These include the following:

We are truly grateful for the support this community offered us as we strove to demystify technical hiring.