To provide educational and career development resources, in a welcoming and inclusive environment, for the burgeoning technical workforce in Charlottesville and the surrounding area.


Courtney Christensen started the idea behind Shift/Enter:

“I’ve been on several hiring panels, and I’ve found that most employers are not satisfied with the resumes that they receive. We have a lot of talent in Charlottesville, but it’s hard to find people. I’ve also been a job seeker, and options can feel slim when you’re new to the Charlottesville tech community. I’ve been thinking of ways to get the word out. As I’ve talked to more people new to tech, the refrain that I’ve heard: technical interviews are intimidating, and formatting a tech resume is an arcane art.”

The inaugural Shift/Enter workshop took place on  Saturday, March 16, 2019, to the enjoyment and benefit of all involved!


Shift/Enter is a career workshop for members of the Charlottesville tech community. The primary audience includes people who are:

  • Planning a career transition into tech, are active in self-study / training programs, and are seeking support in successfully navigating toward a full-time software job.
  • Already in the field and looking to gain confidence and perspective in the job market, especially if they are experiencing impostor syndrome or do not have “formal training.”
  • Tech recruiters, employers, and leaders interested in learning ways to build and grow stellar tech teams.

Core Components

  • Presentations, talks, and workshops
  • Resume Clinic
  • Whiteboarding Practice
  • Mock Interviews
  • Networking

Event Details

  • When: The next Shift/Enter Job Seekers’ Workshop is scheduled for Saturday, May 14, 2022. Space is limited. Register today!
  • Where: Anywhere! The event will be held remotely using the Zoom Platform. Learn more about Zoom and how to prepare.
  • How often: Our goal is to offer this conference at least twice per year, and maybe more depending on how often the community feels there is a need.
  • Organizers: Courtney Christensen, Shayna Diamond, Todd Gerdy, John Harman