ALT: Always Learning Tech

Always Learning Tech (ALT) is the monthly Meet-up series from Shift/Enter. Each session explores a continuing education topic for people in technology and tech-adjacent fields. This meetup is currently hosted on Zoom.

Talks are generally held on one weekday evening (between 6:00 and 8:00 PM) during the second half of each month. To attend, please RSVP on

Upcoming ALT Talks

Engineer Onboarding Made Easy

ALT Talks are on Hiatus for the Holidays

Monthly Alt Talks will resume in January.

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Previous ALT Talks

ALT: Communicating with Unicode

Communicating with Unicode

Understanding the basics of Unicode will help software project success by avoiding a tortuous programming path.

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ALT: Engineering Onboarding Made Easy

Engineering Onboarding Made Easy

Discover the process and tools that help you onboard engineers 7x quicker than traditional systems.

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ALT: Career Switchers – Transitioning into Tech

Transitioning into Tech

Career switching -moving from one field of work to another- has become increasingly common in recent years. Career switchers bring their unique first-career skillsets to their second career, often having perspectives that differ from their colleagues who have worked in one field their entire adulthood.

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ALT: JavaScript Basics: Flinging Event, Element, and Object Bombs at Zombie Heads

JavaScript and Zombies

Got basic programming skills but are new to JavaScript? Ready to pitch in and save humanity from the zombie hordes? Now you can do both at the same time.

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ALT: What is Agile Anyway?

What is Agile Anyway?

In this presentation, Kendra Schmid – Senior Program Director for Software Engineering at WillowTree – explains the basics of the philosophy that guides a majority of software teams, on projects of all scopes and sizes, to success.

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Where in Tech do I Fit In?

Where in Tech do I Fit In?

You know you want to work in tech, but you’re not sure what role you’re best suited for. Maybe, you’re not even sure what the options are.

In this presentation, Ann Lewis –long-time technologist, leader and builder of technical teams– breaks it all down. Learn the roles commonly found on technical teams, their rewards and benefits, the skills required, and how to acquire those skills.

Technical Presentations Aren’t Always Fatal

Technical Presentations Aren't Always Fatal

When you hear “technical presentation”, your first response is usually “How can I get out of this?” regardless of whether you’re giving it or listening to it. But good presentations can balance information with emotional appeal to keep the audience engaged and enlightened. It’s both an art and a science, and this talk will introduce a few key elements of presenting that will help anyone begin to refine their skills and give a great presentation.
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Introductory JavaScript- Stomping Zombies with Variables, Loops, Functions and more

Introductory JavaScript- Stomping Zombies with Variables, Loops, Functions and more

Start taking down the zombie horde with rapid fire web development programs. This talk introduces you to JavaScript and a wide variety of beginner programming topics like variables, conditional statements, loops and functions. Get details to Stomping Zombies with JavaScript. Opens in new tab..

Breaking Down Barriers

Learn how to be part of the solution as we explore ‘Breaking Down Barriers’ of entry for pursuing Tech Careers with Omar Khurshid. Get details on Breaking Barriers ALT Talk. Opens in new tab.

Hiring Practices Panel

Hiring a new person is expensive and stressful. How can we tweak our hiring processes to make them more human, more humane, and also more useful? What do we as engineering leadership need to look for in our new hires? Where does diversity fit into the hiring funnel? How has thought in tech hiring been evolving? Get details on Hiring Practices Panel ALT Talk. Opens in new tab.

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