Cyber Security Engineer

We are looking to hire a Cyber Security Engineer with an analytical mind and a detailed understanding of cyber security methodologies. 


  • Major responsibility is to implement, monitor and properly upgrade security measures designed to protect Shift/Enter’s data, systems and networks.
  • The candidate should have a constantly and dynamically evolving approach to the growing cyber security threats  to company’s resources by staying up-to-date on the different security threats and hacking techniques and continuously testing different security measures against them to maintain a strong company cyber security infrastructure.
  • The candidate should have a credible plan in case of system, network or sensitive data breaches.
  • Testing and identifying the various system and network vulnerabilities
  • Regular reporting to relevant departments regarding the cyber threats detected and eliminated, potential vulnerabilities identified in the network and measures taken to combat them.

Required Skills

  • Cyber Security Engineers must have significant experience with security infrastructure such as  Firewalls (functionality and maintenance), VPN, IDS/IPS and Web-Proxy. 
  • > 1 year of work experience in incident detection, incident response and forensics
  • Experience with adapting and upgrading Firewalls, Office 365 security, VSX and Endpoint security
  • Proficiency in C++, Python, Ruby, Java, Node, Go and/or Power Shell
  • Engineers are expected to have meticulous attention to details, strong analytical skills, outstanding problem-solving skills, familiarity with different technologies, understand cyber security issues well and work well under pressure to deliver on tight deadlines.
  • Bachelor’s degree in IT/Computer Science/Systems’ Engineering or relevant industry experience.