Company Description

Shift/Enter is a technology career development company with a focus on both job seekers and employers. We provide employers with a place to talk about best practices in technology hiring and also a place to find new potential candidates. We help candidates develop their technology skills and their confidence in interviewing skills. We’re looking for optimistic, motivated people to help us reach and help as many of our neighbors as possible. If that sounds like a purpose that you would find fulfilling, we’d love to hear from you.

We are looking to hire a Cyber Security Engineer with an analytical mind and a detailed understanding of cyber security methodologies. 


  • Major responsibility is to implement, monitor and properly upgrade security measures designed to protect Shift/Enter’s data, systems and networks.
  • The candidate should have a constantly and dynamically evolving approach to the growing cyber security threats  to company’s resources by staying up-to-date on the different security threats and hacking techniques and continuously testing different security measures against them to maintain a strong company cyber security infrastructure.
  • The candidate should have a credible plan in case of system, network or sensitive data breaches.
  • Testing and identifying the various system and network vulnerabilities
  • Regular reporting to relevant departments regarding the cyber threats detected and eliminated, potential vulnerabilities identified in the network and measures taken to combat them.

Required Skills

  • Cyber Security Engineers must have significant experience with security infrastructure such as  Firewalls (functionality and maintenance), VPN, IDS/IPS and Web-Proxy. 
  • > 1 year of work experience in incident detection, incident response and forensics
  • Experience with adapting and upgrading Firewalls, Office 365 security, VSX and Endpoint security
  • Proficiency in C++, Python, Ruby, Java, Node, Go and/or Power Shell
  • Engineers are expected to have meticulous attention to details, strong analytical skills, outstanding problem-solving skills, familiarity with different technologies, understand cyber security issues well and work well under pressure to deliver on tight deadlines.
  • Bachelor’s degree in IT/Computer Science/Systems’ Engineering or relevant industry experience.

Disclaimer: This is a sample job description, it is not representative a specific opening. This is intended for use in in practicing the application process, it is not intended to solicit actual applications.