IT Infrastructure Engineer

We are looking for an IT Infrastructure engineer who would maintain, monitor and upgrade the hardware and software components of our IT network – servers, computers, routers and other equipment. The engineer is also expected to troubleshoot common IT issues that may arise during business hours as well as prepare a sound back-up plan for any unexpected network outages.


  • Establish and maintain a sophisticated IT network (hardware and software) to ensure smooth functioning of Shift/Enter’s daily business operations.
  • Troubleshoot daily “IT-Issues” arising from any Shift/Enter employee.
  • Daily focus on minimizing IT outages by regular updates and upgrades to the IT network but also new ways to make the network efficient, cost-effective and secure.
  • Help employees who require support with daily IT activities.
  • Maintain IT access permissions of employees to access confidential company resources and information.

Required Skills

  • Hardware knowledge – A strong working knowledge of servers, routers, computers, printers and other electronic equipment in the office. The IT engineer should also know how to manage LANs, the internet and other wired/wireless networks that connect the above devices.
  • Problem-solving skills Getting a multitude of software and hardware to work harmoniously is a challenging task. A strong deductive skill combined with patience will serve the IT engineer well. 
  • Customer service – The IT engineer will work with other Shift/Enter employees on a regular basis. Communicating well with them helps the IT engineer solve IT outages quickly but also build a strong working relationship with fellow employees.