Project Manager

A technology project manager is responsible for planning, executing, and finalizing technology projects within the constraints of budget and time. This will require acquiring resources, coordinating team members’ activities, recruiting any third-party contractors, defining the objectives of the project, ensuring the project meets its various milestones and overseeing quality-control of the product at its various stages.


  • Define and document project scope, goals and deliverables that support business goals in collaboration with different stakeholders.
  • Develop full-scale project plans and associated communication documents.
  • Communicate project updates and expectations to stakeholders and project team members respectively in a timely and clear manner. As the project progresses, the project manager should continually manage expectations of both the team members and stakeholders.
  • If the project undergoes change or needs additional resources, submit updates to stakeholders clearly explaining the situation and present the various alternatives. 
  • Always be prepared with a back-up plan for unexpected circumstances by identifying project dependencies and critical path to project completion.
  • Use a software that can provide daily updates on the progress of the project and help prepare reports and requirements at different stages of the project.
  • Run all regular agile meetings both internally and externally.

Required Skills

  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent education or work experience
  • 2+ years of experience in a project management capacity- actively involved with all aspects of project development and execution
  • Strong familiarity with software development tools including ticket tracking systems (IE Jira, Basecamp, etc), team collaboration tools (Slack, Zoom, Hangouts, etc), and reporting tools