Make the Most of Your Virtual Shift/Enter Experience:


  • Get familiar with Zoom!
    • Be sure you have Zoom video conference software installed and working on your computer (Getting Started with Zoom)
    • We’ll strongly encourage everyone to use video for the entirety of the conference, so be sure yours is working. (How to Test Video in Zoom)
    • Test your audio too. (How to Test Audio in Zoom)
    • Familiarize yourself with the chat feature as well. We’ll ask participants to use this to ask questions during the conference. It will also be a way you can directly communicate with other participants. (How to Use Zoom Chat)
  • Have your resume and cover letter updated and ready to review.
    • You may consider having your resume and cover letter as a Google Doc to make it easy for folks to add comments and make live revisions.
    • Or at least have them in PDF format so you can easily share with others.
    • You may also want some printed versions for yourself to make notes on.
  • Dress for professional networking.
    • Even though this will be a remote conference, we’ll encourage everyone to use video.
  • All participants are expected to comply with the C-ville Code of Conduct.


  • You’ll get a link and password to the Zoom meeting shortly before the event.
  • The link you receive will bring you to our virtual check-in desk.
    • This room will always be accessible to you and will be staffed with Shift/Enter volunteers to answer any questions you have via the Zoom chat feature.
  • From here, you’ll be “moved” into other meeting rooms based on the conference schedule.