Sample Job Descriptions

Shift/Enter Company Description

Shift/Enter is a technology career development company with a focus on both job seekers and employers. We provide employers with a place to talk about best practices in technology hiring and also a place to find new potential candidates. We help candidates develop their technology skills and their confidence in interviewing skills. We’re looking for optimistic, motivated people to help us reach and help as many of our neighbors as possible. If that sounds like a purpose that would fill you up, we’d love to hear from you.

These descriptions are for the purposes of mock-interviews only and do not reflect Shift/Enter’s current job openings.

  • Project Manager
    A technology project manager is responsible for planning, executing, and finalizing technology projects within the constraints of budget and time. This will require acquiring resources, coordinating team members’ activities, recruiting any third-party contractors, defining the objectives of the project, ensuring the project meets its various milestones and overseeing quality-control of the product at its various […]
  • IT Infrastructure Engineer
    We are looking for an IT Infrastructure engineer who would maintain, monitor and upgrade the hardware and software components of our IT network – servers, computers, routers and other equipment. The engineer is also expected to troubleshoot common IT issues that may arise during business hours as well as prepare a sound back-up plan for […]
  • UX/UI Designer
    We are looking for a UX designer who is hardworking, able to design excellent user interfaces for our web applications and interested in all aspects of software development. Responsibilities The UX designer will be responsible for the design of user interfaces for our in-house and consumer-facing web applications while working as part of the UX […]
  • Cyber Security Engineer
    We are looking to hire a Cyber Security Engineer with an analytical mind and a detailed understanding of cyber security methodologies.  Responsibilities Major responsibility is to implement, monitor and properly upgrade security measures designed to protect Shift/Enter’s data, systems and networks. The candidate should have a constantly and dynamically evolving approach to the growing cyber […]
  • Software Developer
    We are looking for a software developer to help us improve our website and add to our career development tools. Your knack for teamwork and clear communication will help our business thrive. We’re a small, tight knit team, and we hope you want to join us in our mission. Responsibilities Write code and lead projects […]