We’ve got a blog!

Since I’m sure you’re all waiting with bated breath to know what the leadership of Shift/Enter thinks about things, we decided to start a blog to let you know!

OK, actually, we felt like this was a persistent and effective place to communicate what our ideas and plans are for the organization. We don’t exactly think it’s going to develop a superhero level following, but it should be a useful tool for communication and exploration of ideas.

And, I’ve got to level, if we can be consistent about it, it will also be a way to keep content updated on the site. Go go gadget clicks and algorithms!

In order to be able to adapt to life happening to the leadership team we’ve pre-written a few posts. You’ve got “About S/E”, “The Power of Perspective – Resume Edition”, “What is a mock interview?”, and “______” to look forward to in the next several months. We’ll probably write a couple of timely topics along the way as well.

When you comment, and we hope you do, please keep our code of conduct in mind and remember that we’re real people trying to make the world awesome. We love engagement, we want constructive disagreement, but we want to be able to point our friends and colleagues here without warning about trolls. Thanks for keeping it classy!

If you want even more immediate communication with Shift/Enter, we’ve got a Facebook page, LinkedIn, Twitter, and our Slack Team. We look forward to seeing you around digitally and, eventually, in person!